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Getting Started

Getting started with your driving lessons @ Driving Instructor Hounslow

Learning to drive is different for everyone. You may be a complete beginner – or you may just need a refresher course before taking a test.

At Driving Instructor Hounslow we try to make the process as simple as possible so you understand everything that is required of you.

Call us now to speak to a member of our team to discuss your personal circumstances and check availability of our driving lessons and our current promotional price packages.

Our team will also help you:

Apply for a Provisional Licence. You can’t take the wheel of a car on a public road without one. Apply here www.gov.uk/apply-first-provisional-driving-licence or visit a Post Office for an application form.

Book Your Theory Test. Your test has two parts – Theory and Practical. The theory test can be taken at any time and is a test of your knowledge of the Highway Code. So get a copy and start learning.

Your Lessons

Before venturing out on to a road you will learn:

  • Cockpit Drill. You need to learn where everything is and what it’s called before you go anywhere.
  • Control Of The Car. Don’t worry, we ease you in gently so you are confident you can move the car backwards and forwards – and brake.

Most pupils have one or two hour-long lessons each week. How many lessons are needed depends on how confident you are as a driver – but pupils usually have around 30 lessons.

As well as learning the rules of the road, these lessons will also cover all the manoeuvres required in your Practical Test, including:

  • Starting On A Hill
  • Reversing Around A Corner
  • Turning In The Road (three-point turn)
  • Emergency Stop