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Practical Test

Practical Test tips from Driving Instructor Hounslow

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) Practical Test is conducted on public roads and takes about 70 minutes. It costs £62 to take a test during the week or £75 at weekends.

The test covers different situations and road conditions and a candidate must demonstrate the ability to move the vehicle safely in forward and reverse gears. An eyesight test is also included along with vehicle safety questions.

Tests are performed from test centres by driving examiners who are employed by the DSA, part of the Department for Transport.

Driving tests are conducted on the road, with the examiner directing the candidate around one of several test routes.

The examiner will also assess a candidate’s Eco-Safe Driving techniques. Up to 15 minor faults can be committed on the test but no serious or dangerous faults. Repeated occurrences of a similar minor fault will be classed as a habitual problem and marked a serious fault.

Since October 2010, the Practical Driving Test includes a new Independent Driving element. The Learner has to drive for about ten minutes without any instruction or guidance, following traffic signs or a series of directions to a destination.

When you pass the Practical Driving Test you are granted a full UK driving licence.

Book Your Test

Book your driving test online

Book online

To book a practical test you will need a valid UK driving licence number, Theory Test pass certificate number and a valid debit/credit card.


Book your theory test over the phone

By phone

Using your credit/debit card. The person who books the test must be the cardholder. You will be given the date and time of your test immediately.
When you phone you will need:

  • Theory test pass certificate number
  • Driver number shown on your licence
  • Personal details (name, address, telephone numbers)
  • ADI code number (used so your instructor is not double booked)
  • Preferred date
  • Unacceptable days or periods
  • If you can accept a test at short notice
  • Disability or any special circumstances

You will be given a booking number and sent an appointment card with details of the time and date of your test.

Opening times:

8am and 6pm Monday to Friday.

Phone numbers:

UK (ex. Northen Ireland): 0300 2001122

Welsh speakers: 0300 200 1133

Northern Ireland: 0845 6006700

Book your theory test by post

By post

Apply for the practical driving test by filling out form DL26 obtainable from a Post Office, the national DSA booking phone line on 0870 010 1372. Or you can download the form from this link: