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Theory Test

Theory Test tips from Driving Instructor Hounslow

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) Theory Test consists of 50 multiple-choice questions take from a total of over 1,000 questions. These questions are based on the Highway Code, road safety matters and the environment.

Five of the questions will be based on a case study – a situation that a driver could face while driving. This is to assess your understanding as well as your knowledge of road safety issues.

Questions are divided into the following 14 categories:

  • Alertness
  • Attitude
  • Safety & your vehicle
  • Safety margins
  • Hazard awareness
  • Vulnerable road users
  • Other types of vehicle
  • Vehicle handling
  • Motorway rules
  • Rules of the road
  • Road and traffic signs
  • Documents
  • Accidents
  • Vehicle loading

Practice Your Theory Test

The following Government website allows you to practice your Theory Test:

Book Your Theory Test

Book your theory test over the phone

To book by phone

Call 0300 2001122.

Have your credit/debit card and provisional driving licence number with you. You will be given the date and time of your test immediately.

Book your theory test by post

To book by post

Get a booking form from a Post Office, any theory or driving test centre, or by calling 0300 2001122.


These are the fees for theory tests only. Other fees apply for different tests and vehicles.

Test type Current fee From 1 October
Car theory test £31 £25
Car abridged theory test £24 £19